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These traumatizing times are tearing us apart. Sadly, us v them thinking has become normalized in our society, reducing infinite human potential to a single surface feature. Fiery, hyper partisan posts exchanged on social media pump fuel into family feuds. An individual’s political affiliation now enables the casual excommunication of family members and lifelong friends who hold opposing views. With such glaring divisions exposed in our nation and in ourselves, where do we turn for consolation?

In troubled times across time, human beings have looked to shamans, priests and philosophers to soothe their souls and deliver insight into an “ultimate meaning” they were unable to grasp, especially when confronted with tragedy. Often guided by the wisdom of nature, the stars, or ancient texts, interdependent individuals formed collectives that featured rituals for both celebratory and grievous milestones. In our times in the US, the number of souls who reject religion has increased sharply. The vacuum formed by decreased participation in communities of faith leads us to a greater reliance on science, technology and psychology to minister to the needs of the soul. But it’s inadequate to the task. Rather than nurturing compassion, sensitivity or unity, these forces keep people isolated in extremist ideological silos, disconnected from their innate knowing, from their intrinsic spirituality…and from each other.

If your soul is parched for meaning and hope in all the noise and madness, The Solace for Sensitive Souls newsletter features sage advice delivered simply. It offers consolation, inspiration and an uplifting perspective, rooted in the noble aspects common to all faith traditions. Deep wisdom unites us. We feel it in our bones. It nourishes what’s best in our humanity and helps us grapple with the universal search for meaning and to address the needs of our time. Meant to be savored over a cup of tea and pondered for days, these nuggets of wisdom are rooted in an inclusive, soul-nourishing faith that energizes you and helps you live a life that lights you up.

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